Unit Management

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Modernize your sales in Digital era with smart paperless technology and real-time availability data, no more double booking

Up to date information about unit availability

Give your property information to prospective buyers in real time according to conditions such as being sold, sold out, booking until available unit. With the Regia directly connected to the system, information will always match wherever and whenever your sales representative increases sales.

Attractive floor plan display with google maps

In general, the sales representative will show the property using print media in the form of a floor plan but will experience difficulties because the plan will change at any time according to the conditions of availability of the unit. Regia will make it easier for you to display properties on a mobile application using Google Maps according to location, and property conditions in real time so it does not intersect with other sales teams.

It's time to grow your property business in the integrated digital era using Regia.

Other features :

All summary  of your business up to date in Regia Dashboard

Reserved and let the customer decide himself how his NVP is simulated in one simple tap

You can now selling your property anywhere using Regia prospect and opportunity feature

Manage your multiple project in different area is no longer difficult

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REGIA is the right property solution for your business






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